7 Unique Pet Perk Incentives You Can Introduce to Your Team Today!

Pets are an integral part of one’s family. In recent years, the percentage of households in Canada that own a pet has spontaneously grown. Statistically, 54% of Canadians own a pet. 

Companies today hire and retain talented employees by offering perks to them. To make the workplace more attractive, they offer pet perks like remote working, daycare benefits, and pet perks. What are some of the pet perk incentives you can introduce to your business?

Furternity Leave

Furternity, known as pawternity, is among the latest trends in company perks. It recognizes the role that pets play in employees’ lives. Pets are regarded as children by a majority of people. Some companies give employees a paid two-week paternity leave for those who have just adopted rescue or exotic pets. 

Pet-Friendly Offices

A couple of years ago, bringing pets to work was frowned upon. Pets were often seen as a distraction or nuisance with the whining, frequent bathroom breaks, barking, etc. Nowadays, businesses have implemented pet-friendly offices for their employees. Companies like Ticketmaster and Amazon have already implemented this in their offices. Some studies show that bringing your pet to work has many benefits, including:

  •  Lower stress levels
  •  Better job satisfaction
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Better interpersonal connections among coworkers

Pet Insurance

Pet owners know the hassle of earning enough to combat rising vet costs. Several companies, like General Motors and Google, offer pet insurance as an employment perk. Pet insurance policies in offices cost employers very little time and money. On the other hand, it saves pet owners hundreds of dollars on scheduled wellness appointments and emergency vet annually. 

Pet Bereavement Leave

Having a pet is a central part of many employees’ welfare. Losing a pet may lead to distraction and stress resulting in poor productivity at work. Despite not being a legal requirement, offering a pet bereavement leave will support your employees and help with any subsequent depression. The length of the grieving period varies for many; it’s a significant loss to process. 

New Pet Leave

Obtaining a new pet can be challenging. The new pet needs time to acclimate to its new environment and bond with its owners. Research from  Petplan showed that 5% of owners had been given paid leave to acclimatize to their pet-owning duties. New pet leave allows new owners to work remotely for about a week after adopting a pet or a paid time off to welcome the latest addition to the employee’s family. 

Discounts on Pet Supplies

Some companies offer their employees a discount on pet goods and services like grooming. This excludes them from the cost of pet food, treats, gear, and toys. 

Pet Service Benefits

Pet service benefits include pet sitting, pet walking, on-site dog parks, and bottomless treat jars. 


To make your workplace more appealing to potential employees, you need to provide incentives that will give you an edge over your competitors. Pet perks exponentially grow across numerous industries, and the workforce responds with great acceptance. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with their best friend?

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